About Us

Pensy was founded by Mr. Jamshaid Hanif at the age of just 26 in 1982, the sole reason for Pensy’s founding was to cover for the lack of the type of products that would match the par excellence that the international market provided, as Pakistanis would wear foreign manufactured clothing all the time. Soon after its establishment Pensy was able to penetrate the local market as it introduced key articles of fashion to the local market which it had never seen before, such as its signature the Safari Suit, readymade two-piece suits and printed denim trousers. By the 90s Pensy had become a household name in Pakistan for eastern and western wear, with articles available in nearly 150 outlets spread over nearly 2 dozen cities across the country.
At this point Pensy signed a contract with Pierre Cardin a famous French brand at the time, to manufacture and distribute all it’s clothing in Pakistan. This was a turning point for Pensy. From this point on Pensy extended its focus from the now already very concentrated local market to the international arena. Over the years, Pensy manufactured articles for many internationally renowned brands such as Next (UK), Papaya (UK), Jordan Craig (USA), J.C. Penney (USA), Venca (SPAIN), Blanche Porte (France) and institutions such as Turkish Army, Jordan Army, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, ASF, Islamabad Police and many many others.
In the second decade of the 21st Century Pensy decided to give equivalent attention to its local customers which it feels have to bear the burden of overpriced products (foreign/high-end manufactured & branded) or compromised products. Using the advantage provided to it by its international exposure, it’s latest and specialized processes, its self-manufacturing and self-retail edge it can provide its customers with both price and quality. (LOCAL ONLY)
Even today after over three and a half decades Pensy prides itself on its punctuality, professionalism, excellence in customer service and most importantly its ability to make products so complex that other’s refuse. So, it is its humble request, that you put its mentioned abilities to the test!
For Those Who Wear Class

Mission and Vision

It is our firm belief at PENSY that we are aiming to be the leaders in the vibrant industry of clothing. We are committed at staying on the top with technological advancements as well as Research and Develop effective ways for our production processes. We envision ourselves having no boundaries and be recognized as a source of reference when it comes to clothing.
PRELUDE PENSY is a renowned name and has been for generations in the ever so dynamic world of garments. This much celebrated glory is the result of nothing more than hard work, persistent and consistent production lines and of course the trendsetting attitude of the team at PENSY. In 1987 PENSY was incepted as another proud member of Hanif Group.
The personnel’s at PENSY are trained to ensure exceptional choice of material, Strong R&D based designing, impeccable cutting, pristine stitching and tailoring. PENSY grew to lime light with a reputation of being meticulous in designing, backed by a strong research on latest trends and colors, unmatched manufacturing levels of precision with a firm controlled production-line.
The idea of designing trendy attire and then marketing the products, proved useful and helped PENSY expand its demand to countries like USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Greece. PENSY products like jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts are hip among the youth of these countries and it is acknowledged name in all age groups.